Exploring the beauty of age

Our Vision

The vision of Womanhood is to create a better future, where wise, well-travelled, well-read and experienced women are not labelled as irrelevant or invisible due to their age. This lifestyle publication aims to further open this conversation and illustrate the shared vision of many women, whilst challenging stereotypes and society’s perception of age.


“I'm not afraid to say I once feared the future, and tried to hide the years and fight my wrinkles. Then I read Womanhood, and slowly my mindset has shifted, I now believe that this time in my life holds opportunities for growth, discovery and the freedom to live the way we choose.”

Cecilia Paton / Occupational Therapist / Cheshire

"It's no nice to be able to read a publication which doesn't stereotype us all into the same box, I may be 50 but I want to travel to exciting places, experiment with fashion and try anything new! Yet all other magazines are either telling me how to look younger or how to make the perfect roast potatoes. Womanhood is now my new go to source for inspiration in any part of my life." 

Leonie Howe / Fashion Boutique Owner / Northampton